I generally dislike working with anyone in the construction industry. To write a review of this type is not normal for me.When I embarked on my siding project, I worked primarily with 4 different vendors. As for price, some came in ridiculously low. With some coaching on what to look for, I could see why. Others came in crazy high and were offended to learn that I was looking at other vendors. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? So the price with Scottish came in right at the middle. That said, I believe the value per price was a steal. Nobody is doing the quality work in my neighborhood like Scottish is. Our area was hit by very hard hail last year so there’s plenty of construction going on to compare.The sales cycle is nice and professional and low pressure. The Project manager is a stand up fella who does an amazing job. The one I worked with was fluent in English and Spanish and college degree educated.The crews themselves have been with Scottish for a long time and their craftsmanship and skill-set is easy to see.

I enjoyed the sales experience. Joy does have that “soft approach”. The design crew did a nice job.Rego will bend over backwards for his customers.

Rego was all over it.To be blunt and reveal my own lack of education, it’s wonderful to work with a PM who is fluent in both English and Spanish. Again, Rego would do anything to make sure his clients are happy. Give him a raise. A big one.

Matt M. - September 15th, 2015