Rigo Melara is the best – a salesman/project manager with extensive construction experience. He was able to tend to small tweaks at the end himself. (My brother has a siding business in the Washington DC area and he warned me away from “any salesman who’s never held a hammer”. Rigo is the opposite. Knowledgeable and clearly dedicated to making sure I’m happy with the final result. I’ve gotten several compliments from neighbors on the finished look.  Rigo’s willingness to accommodate small changes on trim and gutters. Never any sense of being nickel and dimed by adding some small charge. Rigo’s intense interest in making sure I was happy with the result. Also very pleased with the ability to look at siding & trim combinations on the computer to decide what to do. I made a major decision about the back of the house (use body-colored trim instead of the darker trim color used elsewhere) because of this. I imagine that without this, I would have gone with dark trim all around and been disappointed when I saw the result in the back.

Dewey Anderson - October 25th, 2017