Life happens and some things can be difficult to predict, especially when it comes to home maintenance. That’s why it’s always recommended to do visual inspections of your home’s siding at least a couple of times each year. No need to hire a professional unless you spot damage – however, taking a walk around your property to inspect your home siding can help you avoid missing any issues. Outdated or damaged siding can cause a host of problems ranging from poor energy conservation to mold concerns. If you notice anything out of place, it’s best to contact a siding contractor to see what the next steps are. For those ready for siding replacement, when’s the best time of year for the Centennial area?

How to Plan Your Siding Replacement for Centennial Homes

Most people assume that spring and summer months are the best time to have your siding replaced. While the warmer weather can certainly be more beneficial, it doesn’t necessarily mean that other times of the year won’t work. If you’re installing siding that will require painting, then spring and summer will be the most ideal time. However, if you’re opting for a prefinished siding option, like James Hardie or Diamond Kote, these can be installed year-round. Fall and winter installations can actually be quicker for those installing these siding options due to fewer ongoing siding projects. If you’re planning on moving during a certain time, you can always discuss this with your siding contractor as well to make sure everything is ready for the sale of your home.

Work With Centennial’s Trusted Siding Replacement Contractor

Scottish Home Improvements is honored to be the trusted siding replacement contractor serving the Centennial area. Our team of experts is always available to help you through this process and would love the opportunity to help achieve your goals and specific timelines. For more information regarding siding replacement and timing, please contact us!