Loveland homes require a higher level of attention when it comes to winter preparation. Like the rest of Colorado, winter months bring below freezing temperatures, severe snowstorms, and dry climates. Loveland experiences even more snow and severe weather extremes more than other cities, making it pertinent to prepare your home for winter. Finding ways to save on heating costs is a high priority– replacing outdated or ineffective siding and windows can get your home prepared for winter.

Benefits of Preparing Your Loveland Home for Winter with Siding and Window Replacement

Ensuring your home is prepared for winter is prevalent so that your property doesn’t incur any permanent, expensive damages that make your home uncomfortable or even unliveable. Winter months can bring an abundance of moisture and severe temperature extremes that can crack or rot your siding if it is made from certain materials. Vinyl siding can crack in below freezing temperatures while wood siding is more susceptible to moisture rot. Outdated windows can affect the comfort of your home while escalating heating costs. Finding replacement siding and window options can really protect your property from the harsh winter elements while helping Loveland homeowners save on energy costs. These investments will also help resale value– these are definite benefits that potential buyers are looking for when purchasing a home in Loveland.

Scottish Home Improvements Loveland: James Hardie® Standing Up to Hurricane Sandy in Old Lyme, CT from Scottish Home Improvements on Vimeo.

Installation Process for Siding and Window Replacement in Loveland Homes

Scottish Home Improvements offers the most timely installations so you’ll be ready just in time for winter. Your project manager will also be the lead contractor to ensure that you only have one point-of-contact during this extensive process. We have the most comprehensive selection of winter-ready window and siding solutions that address every Loveland homes’ needs. We’ll work with you to ensure all aspects of your home are ready for winter!

For more information regarding preparing your Loveland home for winter, please contact us!