The winter weather is peeking over the horizon, and Coloradans are gearing up their homes to face it. This is because winters in Denver mean nothing is off the table. From extreme cold, ice, and snow to warm sunny days–the weather during winter is a grab bag. So preparing your Denver home is a must. You can winterize the lawn, the HVAC, the gutters, and the windows, but one thing you should make sure is prepared is your siding.

Old siding is a Risk During Winter in Denver

During the winter in Colorado, a home’s siding takes a beating. If your siding is old and has cracks, gaps, or is peeling–it is vulnerable to the elements. It may be time for new siding, and there is still time left to have siding work done. One of the best sidings to stand up to all the Denver weather throws at you is James Hardie Fiber Cement. It is perfect for Denver homes that struggle with extreme weather fluctuations. Read below to find out why.

James Hardie Siding To Protect Denver Homes Against Snow and Cold

Denver is pretty temperate, but we get snow, rain, and even blizzards in the winter. We also have spells of freezing cold. James Hardie Fiber Cement siding resists extreme expansion and contraction as the weather cools and heats. It also doesn’t crack or shatter even when the weather gets bitter cold. This makes it one of the best sidings for a bizarre climate like ours that can’t make up its mind.

James Hardie Resists Hail

It doesn’t hail much during the winter here in Denver but come spring, the entire Front Range is under threat. James Hardie fiber cement siding is a composite siding, so it resists the impact of hail and windblown debris. It does so more than vinyl or wood, or aluminum.

James Hardie Siding To Prevent Fading From Intense UV Rays On Denver Homes

Every Colorado knows that winter in Denver is equally as sunny as summer. So home siding here needs to be able to stand up to constant UV. James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology provides is one of the most colorfast sidings money can buy and one you can count on for years to come.

To protect your Denver home against any weather this winter, contact us today to chat about James Hardie for your home.