In Colorado, we get extreme weather year-round, and investing in the right siding product for your home is very important.  You want a product that can stand up to time as well as the harsh weather, while still looking fantastic.  Wood siding is one of the most popular choices in Colorado because it looks great, but before investing Wood Sidingin your siding, we want to make sure you know all of the wood siding facts.

Wood Siding Facts: The Good

Colorado is known for its beautiful mountains, and many residents own homes in the Rockies.  Cedar siding can be extremely appealing to keep the cabin-charm of a home, and it can be stained with a wide variety of shades to create the right look for your unique house.

Wood siding is also popular in some of the more historical neighborhoods throughout our state.  No matter what kind of home you live in, wood siding can look beautiful.  While cedar siding is usually stained, wood siding gives you the option to paint your home to whichever colors you prefer, and it’s relatively simple to repaint if, over the years, you want a new look.

Wood Siding Facts: The Bad

Unfortunately, the benefits and good looks of wood siding often come at a cost.  Firstly, the most literal cost is, of course, the price.  Cedar siding, which is the most common wood siding used today, is one of the most expensive siding options available.  Of course, many homeowners who love this look are willing to spend a little more on their siding update.

One of the biggest problems with wood siding is maintenance.  In Colorado, the altitude and the extreme sun exposure can dry cedar siding fairly quickly, and many wood sided homes need to be refinished or repainted every 3 years or so.  This kind of maintenance can cost you thousands more over time than your initial investment.

As we mentioned above, wood siding is popular in the mountains for cabin-like homes.  However, in heavily wooded areas like this, a couple of natural factors tend to damage wood siding, such as termites, and wild fires, which are common here.  Wood is extremely susceptible to this type of damage, which could potentially cost you even more over time due to repairs.

Colorado Siding Options

Fiber Cement Siding from James HardieOne of the most popular options to replace wood siding and offer more protection with less maintenance is fiber cement siding.  Fiber cement is an extremely durable product made of cement, wood fibers, and water.  It is termite proof, it won’t warp or crack from water or extreme sun exposure, and it’s non-combustible, so it even stands up to fire.  Fiber cement siding is available in varieties that look like the stained wood siding common for mountain homes, as well as siding with colors baked on, which means you won’t have to worry about repainting.

If you have any questions about wood siding facts, or to learn more about all our siding options, feel free to call Scottish Home Improvements today.  One of our experts will be happy to come to your home to talk about your options, and give you a risk-free estimate.