The exterior of your home can often be overlooked but actually is a critical piece of protection for any structure. Siding is the first line of defense against environmental elements and external threats. This makes it that much more important to keep up with maintenance and regular inspections so you can catch something before it escalates. Small issues often turn into large projects that require high financial investment and undesirable downtime. Being proactive with a preventative mindset is always the best approach. Here are some important tips for your Centennial home’s siding maintenance.

The Benefits of Regular Siding Maintenance and Upkeep for Centennial Homes

We always recommend doing a visual inspection of your home’s siding at least twice a year. This doesn’t require a professional – take your time to walk around your entire property and examine the condition of your siding. Look for any damage, lifting, peeling paint, and any other damage. If you spot something out of the norm, this is when you’ll want to hire a professional siding contractor to take a look. Otherwise, check this off your list. If you have siding that requires regular painting, make sure you have a proper painting schedule to keep your siding looking its best. Powerwashing your siding annually can also help remove built-up debris and any potential issues down the road. If regular painting isn’t something you want to keep up with, consider something like James Hardie or Diamond Kote prefinished siding for your next siding replacement project.

Work With Centennial’s Premier Siding Replacement Contractor

Scottish Home Improvements is honored to be the premier siding replacement contractor serving the Centennial area. Our team is always available to help with siding maintenance tips along with recommendations on investments with minimal maintenance requirements. We can help you with whatever goals you have. For more information, please contact us!