Although new building materials are not common in the siding sector, they do arrive from time to time. When they do, they are often extremely advanced and useful for a variety of situations. Longboard siding is an excellent illustration of this fact. Although the Longboard firm was formed in 2005, its siding products have become well-known for their innovation by 2022. Continue reading to learn more about them.

What is Longboard Siding?

Longboard siding is a type of aluminum cladding used in modern or traditional architecture. The cladding, which has some of the most useful features available, also has some of the most stunning looks on the market today. This revolutionary siding, manufactured by Longboard Limited, is ICC ESR-4183 and ESR-4184 approved for production and is located in British Columbia.

The Advantages of Longboard Siding for Homes

Longboard siding’s classic wood look makes it an ideal siding option for properties and businesses. However, beyond its authentic wood appearance, it offers a variety of benefits.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Durable

Traditional siding materials usually succumb to damage from outside elements like dust, rain, and UV rays. They can become frayed, misshapen, and dull-colored when left in the sun too long. To combat this problem, aluminum longboard sidings are coated with weather-resistant and graffiti-resistant paint. This increases their lifespan and helps them retain their original look for much longer periods of time.

Aluminum Longboard Siding Low Maintenance

Certain siding materials require somewhat different care every year to preserve their appearance and usefulness. Longboard siding, like most other types of siding, requires some upkeep but not as much as other options. In reality, all that is necessary to keep it looking nice is a soft sponge and water with mild cleansers.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Fire-Resistant

Longboard siding is created to look like wood, but it’s really made of aluminum. Therefore, the cladding won’t burn easily and can protect homes and businesses from rapidly-spreading fires.

Aluminum Longboard Siding Does Not Rot

Because aluminum is not an organic substance, it will not decay or take in water. This resistance to wetness helps the siding from molding or being eaten by insects like termites.

Aluminum Longboard Siding is Environmentally Friendly

Longboard houses are not only stylish but also very eco-friendly. Aluminum is recyclable and considered environmentally friendly, unlike many siding types. Because it is light in weight, it may simply be taken down and sent to recycling facilities for a fresh start once it’s been removed from homes or buildings.

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