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A Longmont Siding Contractor You Can Trust

With a crystal clear view of Longs Peak and the rest of the Front Range as well as a diverse array of elegant homes and communities, Longmont is a small, but beautiful city. Longmont homes range from quaint and historic to very recently developed neighborhoods filled with contemporary styled townhouses, homes, and condos. Scottish Home Improvements has the products and resources to accommodate any size or architectural style of property and is proud to be the premier home improvement contractor in the Longmont area.

Whether you’re seeking a contractor who can install new siding for your business in downtown Longmont or energy efficient windows for your home in Mead or Hygiene, Scottish Home Improvements can provide you with the service you need. We carry a diverse array of windows and siding products to suit your preferences and architectural needs. Let our team of qualified professionals go to work to beautify your home, apartment complex, or commercial property!


Inspiration for Longmont Siding Colors & Styles

Whether you’re the owner of a historic home on Main Street or a newly constructed home in a suburb of Longmont like Berthoud or Niwot, Scottish Home Improvements has the perfect siding option for you. Our siding styles range from contemporary looks like shingle siding and modern stucco to more traditional styles like lap siding, cedar texture shakes, all of which are available in a variety of colors. To get an idea of siding options for your home, you can check out our gallery page for some inspiration or schedule a free consultation. We can create a digital rendering of what your home will look like with different siding options, accents, and trim to help you find the perfect look.


Siding Material Options for Your Longmont Home

At Scottish Home Improvements, we know that every family is unique, so we believe every home should be too. That’s why we carry a large selection of siding material options for you to choose from. The siding material you choose is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but it’s also a large factor of what determines the cost and lifetime of new siding. If you’re looking to complete your project on a budget, you may find our vinyl siding a good fit for your needs. Or if weather or pests are more of your concern, we have many durable siding materials for you to choose from, including fiber cement, steel, and engineered wood siding.


James Hardie Siding Longmont

Though we carry many different types of siding, all of which are of very high quality, James Hardie fiber cement is hands down our most popular product. James Hardie siding is an excellent choice for Longmont homes in both terms of performance and aesthetic appearance. It looks just like real wood, but holds up much better under Colorado’s extreme weather conditions. James Hardie siding guards your home from pests, moisture, heat, and fires, providing you with protection for your investment as well as comfort and peace of mind.


Longmont Colorado Replacement Windows with Scottish

Investing in replacement windows can beneficial for a variety of reasons. New windows can help make your home more comfortable during Longmont’s cold winters and also save money on summer air conditioning expenses. In addition, installing new windows can also raise the resale value of your property which can be especially beneficial if you ever choose to sell your home in the future.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we carry a wide selection of replacement windows from Milgard, Pella, and Anderson and can also provide custom window replacements. When you work with us, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of window styles such as single hung, double hung, casement windows, and more as well as many different frame materials. Our designers will work with you to find the right style and craft the perfect look for your home.

Colorado Siding Sandstone Beige

Residing your Longmont Home with Scottish

At Scottish Home Improvements, we understand that residing your home is an important investment. We will work closely alongside you to make sure you that you know all options that are available to you and help you feel comfortable and confident with your decision. We feel very passionate about our work and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience.

When you work with us on your residing project in Longmont, you’ll gain access to all the newest products, styles, and trends. We carry an extensive variety of premium wood, vinyl, aluminum, and shingle siding as well as James Hardie Fiber Cement. Using HOVER technology, our designers will work with you to create an elegant look for your exterior and install siding that improves the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Turn your dream home into a reality! Call Scottish Home Improvements today to set up an appointment for a free in home consultation! We’re confident that we can provide the perfect replacement windows or siding for your Longmont area home, apartment community, or commercial property.

A Diamond Kote Longmont

Diamond Kote Protection For Your Longmont Home

When looking for the very best protection from your Longmont home’s siding, engineered wood siding treated with premium Diamond Kote pre-finish is one of the most powerful options available on the market today. For houses from Longmont Olde North down to the Watersong neighborhood, there simply is no better siding product to offer such unparalleled power to protect against the sometimes extreme Broomfield elements. Engineered to last, this flawless finish is built-on an engineered wood product, already treated with a proprietary protectant. This means you get multiple layers of protection against elements like extreme heat, constant freezes+thaws, and intense UV exposure. All things Longmont homes must withstand year in and year out. Plus, choose from 30 colors for you Longmont home and custom color options too. With Diamond Kote the possibilities are endless and the protection second to none!

Benefits Of Diamond Kote For Your Longmont Home

  1. A durable finish that won’t peel, crack or fade
  2. Incredibly low maintenance but will resist buildup of dirt and dust
  3. Impact resistant against hail and wind-borne debris
  4. An impressive 30-year no-fade warranty
  5. Environmentally friendly– all agents and resins are low-emitting

LP SmartSide Siding for Longmont Homes

Many homeowners move to Longmont because they appreciate the outdoors and enjoy the views of Longs Peak on the horizon. As such, homeowners often appreciate the look of wood siding, but are concerned about its durability due to the extreme Colorado weather. LP SmartSide siding offers Longmont homeowners a wood siding alternative that looks equally as beautiful, but is better suited for the demands of the harsh climate. At Scottish Home Improvements, we are proud to offer this premium engineered wood siding brand and provide our customers with an option that offers longevity and wearability.

LP utilizes natural wood strands to produce their wood boards, but treats them with a blend of resin and wax to make them stronger and moisture-resistant. The result of this advanced manufacturing process is beautiful, wood-like siding that’s:

  • Resistant to hail, high-speed winds, and other forms of impact
  • Resistant to all forms of moisture including Colorado snow and rain
  • Anti-fading properties that allow colors to last for several years
  • Protection against high altitude UV rays
  • Pest-proofing that prevents insect and woodpecker damage

Natural Cedar & Wood Siding for Longmont Homes

If you’re someone who enjoys doing home improvement projects and doesn’t mind a little extra maintenance, we offer a variety of cedar and wood siding for Longmont homes that can make your exterior look stunning! Wood siding is a lovely choice for many reasons. It has incredible character, depth, and texture. It smells fantastic, just like the nearby forests of the Rockies. Finally, it’s a sustainable option when harvested using responsible techniques. We partner with Rocky Mountain Forest products to bring you the most eco-friendly wood siding available in Colorado. Choose from a variety of options including rustic pine, beautiful cedar, spruce, and more to create the home of your dreams! Rocky Mountain Forest siding is available in ship-lap, tongue and groove, and many other styles!


Durable, Beautiful Fiber Cement Siding for Longmont Homes

Scottish Home Improvements is proud to offer all the industry-leading brands of fiber cement siding for Longmont homes. We offer fiber cement from Nichiha, Allura, Woodtone, GAF, and other time-trusted, reliable brands. For homeowners looking for a siding material that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, fiber cement siding is an excellent option. This type of siding is made from a blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, giving it unparalleled resistance to harsh weather conditions like hail, wind, and snow. Additionally, fiber cement siding is virtually impervious to pests like termites and carpenter ants, ensuring that your home remains protected for years to come.

Fiber cement siding comes in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to choose an option that best complements their home’s architecture and personal style. Finally, fiber cement siding is fire-resistant, providing an added layer of protection and peace of mind for homeowners in the Front Range area. Whether you own a home in Stoney Ridge, Prairie Village, Idaho Creek, Somerset Acres, or one of Longmont’s other popular neighborhoods, you’re sure to appreciate the value and beauty that fiber cement siding provides your home.


Budget-Friendly Vinyl Siding for Longmont Homes

Scottish Home Improvements offers an extensive selection of affordable vinyl siding for Longmont homes. Not only is vinyl siding low cost, but it also offers a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. Whether you’re going for a traditional look like lap siding or shingles or something more modern like vertical planks, vinyl siding has got you covered. And, because it’s so easy to install, you can have a brand new look for your home in no time! With its low-maintenance properties, vinyl siding requires little upkeep and can save you money in the long run. We even offer insulated vinyl siding for those seeking an energy-efficient option.


Steel Siding for Longmont Commercial & Residential Buildings

Whether you’re looking for something with a modern aesthetic or you’re re-siding a commercial building, Scottish Home Improvements offers a variety of options of steel siding for Longmont properties. When it comes to finding a siding material that can stand up to the tough weather conditions of Longmont, Colorado, steel siding is a top contender. Made from high-quality steel, this siding is incredibly durable and can withstand heavy rain, snow, and hail without cracking, chipping, or warping.

Steel siding is incredibly low-maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend your weekends cleaning and repairing it. This makes it a popular choice for both homes and commercial buildings in the Longmont area. Property owners enjoy a sleek and modern look, robust weather protection, and longevity. Let us show you all the possibilities available with steel siding!

Longmont Home Siding

Here in the beautiful state of sunny Colorado, as you probably already know, the weather is gorgeous and arguably some of the best in the country.  However, as wonderful as the sunshine is here, it can also be extremely hard on home siding. This is why choosing the right siding for your Longmont home is so very critical — it ensures the long-term success and durability of your home’s exterior.  And, when it comes to home siding here in the state of Colorado, nobody knows this better than us, Scottish Home Improvements, just which sidings work best. This is because, over the last 25 years, we have worked extensively with homeowners and commercial properties to guide them to do the right siding choice for their particular projects–and then installed their choices with unmatched success.  From smaller homes just under $300,000 to sprawling million dollar estates and from single family to multi-family rental units, we have done, seen and installed it all. It is this extensive experience which makes us Longmont’s (and the greater Front Range area’s) most trusted siding contractor. Below, we have listed three of the most common, and suggested, Longmont home siding choices that we would say, are likely candidates for your home too.  However, to learn about even more options for siding in the Longmont area click here for an array of other siding choices.

Why to Hire an Experienced Longmont Siding Contractor

siding replacement Longmont

One of the most important home improvements you will ever undertake is siding. A good siding installation can increase the value and attractiveness of your Longmont home. A poor siding job, on the other hand, may have a significant impact not just on the functionality of your home but also its value. This is why, when it comes to new siding or replacement siding, hiring a professional and licensed Longmont contractor is critical.

An Experienced Siding Contractor Means Better Quality

When it comes to having your Longmont siding replaced it is key to hire a professional siding contractor for installation. It’s not a do-it-yourself project, and it should only be handled by someone with substantial expertise, references, and licensing. A skilled siding installation will guarantee that the quality of the service and installation is high.  It means your siding will look great for years to come and be covered by insurance and/or a warranty should something happen.

An Experienced Siding Contractor Better Product Selections and Warranties

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional Longmont siding contractor is their working relationships with siding manufacturers. Reputable siding contractors directly deal with the manufacturers that make the siding materials they install. This means if something goes wrong with your siding, you will be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. The siding contractor does not have a license or approval to install a siding product–the warranty will likely be void.

An Experienced Siding Contractor is a More Cost-Effective Choice

Taking the lowest bid on a siding estimate may appear to be a money-saver. But this is almost never the case.  Budget replacement siding and low-quality siding contractors typically end up being more expensive in the long run due to mistakes, lengthy installations, and lack of durability. Plus, if you don’t hire a professional, you risk having your siding covered by insurance and perhaps voiding your choice of siding brand’s warranty. Simply said, there are several hidden expenses associated with a low-quality siding installation that aren’t reflected in an initial estimate.

Fiber Cement Siding Longmont

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James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is by far the siding option with the most name recognition here in Colorado and across the US.  It is also one we, here at Scottish Home Improvements, are an elite preferred installer of. The bountiful benefits of James Hardie siding for Longmont homes make it a highly attractive option, and in particular, the fact that it is a color-fast siding which can take the intense rays of Colorado sun constantly beating down on it  However it is also resistant to pests, hail, wind fire and nearly anything else Colorado’s weather will throw its way. Furthermore, James Hardie Fiber Cement comes in such beautiful styles and colors–some of the best available on the market today. So it is guaranteed to make your Longmont home the talk of the neighborhood. James Hardie premium fiber cement siding a more expensive siding but very much worth the extra money because of its stellar aesthetic and unparalleled durability.  For more information on James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding for your Longmont home, click here, and find out why this premium siding is nearly always ranked among the top siding choices!

Vinyl Siding Longmont

LP SmartSide Colorado Springs

Vinyl siding has and still is a number one choice for Longmont homeowners, especially those on a budget.  It is typically installed on homes with a value of less than $300,000 but just as well suited for home more expensive than that.  Versatile and affordable, vinyl siding in a proven siding which works especially well for replacing older wooden siding. It is a great choice for rental or multi-unit buildings too because it is a budget choice that will help you turn a faster profit. The best part about vinyl siding, beyond the fact that it has an incredibly attractive price point, is–it requires very little maintenance and has the look of real wood. With so many things to recommend vinyl siding: price, durability and beauty notwithstanding, it is no wonder people in this city choose vinyl siding again and again as their siding material of choice! Here at Scottish, we offer a variety of vinyl options in many attractive color choices.   For more information on vinyl siding, including economical and energy efficient options, click here or contact us directly to chat more about our free consultations.

Engineered Wood Siding Longmont

alside vinyl siding fort collins contractor

Engineered wood siding comes in right in the middle when it comes to price point but, make no mistake, it is a great choice for Longmont homes looking for style and performance.  As the most recent innovation in siding on the market today, it is both durable and lightweight. This allows for easy installation without any sacrifice in its performance against the harshest of Colorado’s weather factors. The proprietary protectant coating offers the durability that homes in Longmont need. It will keep homes, even in the toughest of conditions, looking good for years to come. The great part about choosing engineered wood siding is it comes equipped to last, at a price point that is affordable.  While it is more expensive than vinyl siding it certainly won’t blow your budget. However, like fiber cement siding, this siding is a stunner and will definitely turn some homes in your Longmont neighborhood; not to mention, increase its resale value. To learn more about the vast color selections of engineered wood siding, contact us directly to set up an on-site bid for your Longmont home.

Siding Information for Longmont Homeowners

Check out our recent blogs to get more information on siding for your Longmont home. Here, you will find useful tips and advice about siding industry news, innovations, inspiration, and ideas!

Why James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Makes Sense For Your Longmont Home

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