Last Sunday we turned back the clocks, so the days are short. And like most people you probably have been scraping frost off your car every morning for some time. These are the telltale signs that winter has come to Denver. But, maybe you have a few outstanding “to-dos” on your home maintenance list–maybe some gutters to get cleaned or lawn chairs to store away. Or perhaps you really wanted to get your Denver home resided before the snow and rain take their toll. Well, happily for you, as siding professionals we believe it is not to replace your siding. In fact, there are many reasons why replacing your siding in late Fall/early Winter actually has some advantages.

Advantages to Replacing Your Siding In Winter

  1. 1. Your Yard Won’t Suffer: As careful as siding crews are to work around your lawn and landscaping, the fact of the matter is –that many boots, materials, and equipment are bound to impact your yard. During the winter when your grass is brown and bushes bare–there is little to no risk of coming away from a roof installation with bare spots in your lush green bushes and grass.
  2. 2. You’ll Get The Energy Efficiency You Need For Winter Months: New siding makes homes drastically more energy efficient. This means not only will you save money all winter long but also stay warmer too! When the temperature drops in January, it won’t matter whether you chose to reside your home in April or November– you will just be cozier and warm.
  3. 3. You Will Have More Installation Scheduling Options: During the spring, summer and even fall, siding companies are incredibly busy. This means unless you plan way in advance, you kind of take what you can get when it comes to scheduling. Siding companies slow way down in the winter, so this is a chance for you to get your Denver home resided at the very best time.
  4. 4. Your Home Will Look Better For The Holidays: Of course, part of having your home resided in the winter is to make sure it looks great for the holidays! If you just couldn’t squeeze it in this summer of fall but may have some rough looking parts of your siding–don’t worry. We can have your home resided and looking lovely for entertaining all those holiday visitors!

For more information on getting your Denver home sided this fall and/or winter, contact us to get something scheduled right away! We are always happy to come out and consult with you one on one and get you headed in the right direction.