Are you aware of the critical signs that you need to replace your siding? Homeowners often overlook their home’s siding and can often wait until unnecessary property damage takes place before realizing the signs. Here are the top 6 most common signs that your Denver home is ready for replacement siding:

6 Signs Your Denver Home Needs Replacement Siding

  1. Dry rot: Dry rot is a result of fungi growth which can happen to any residential property. Homeowners should periodically check their siding for this issue by tapping your siding with the rubber handle of any tool. When left unaddressed, dry rot can eat through your siding material leaving your home vulnerable.
  2. Consistent need to repaint your home: Quality siding should maintain its color for at least 8 to 10 years. If you’re having to repaint your siding more frequently, this is an indicator that you need replacement siding.
  3. Rotted or warped siding: Periodical visual inspections can help reveal if any part of your siding is experiencing rotting or warping. Use a small tool to poke underneath one of these spots– if it feels soft, this is a sign that it is ready for replacement.
  4. Increased energy bills: While there are a number of reasons that can contribute to this, once you rule out your attic or roof it is important to take a look at your siding. This could be a result of low-grade or deteriorating insulation.
  5. Cracked or loose siding: Loose or cracked boards should always be replaced in order to avoid compromising your entire siding system. Speak to a contractor to see if you’re a candidate for partial replacement siding.
  6. Peeling paint or loose wallpaper: These both can indicate that there’s an issue with your siding– moisture seeping through faulty siding can cause this to happen.

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