When it comes to custom replacement windows, Denver citizens are a discerning and quality-seeking bunch. They want the best quality and performance for their money, and we don’t blame them. After all, replacement windows can add up to a significant expense.

But, they can also save you money too, over the long term, depending on what type of windows and what type of glass you choose. For instance, vinyl windows form a tight, energy efficient seal with the glass and don’t warp. And low-E glass reflects heat, instead of absorbing and conducting it, saving you on utility bills.

Many potential clients wonder if the size or shape of the windows makes a difference to the difficulty of the job. They wonder if they can get all different sorts of windows like casement windows or awning windows replaced. They even ask us if we can turn an ordinary row of windows into a bay, bow, or picture window. The answer is yes! With custom replacement windows, Denver homeowners can purchase the exact style and type of windows they want, regardless of what they have now.


Have you been considering replacement windows, but not really sure if you need them? Here are some ways to tell it’s time for new windows:

1. Your window frames are so warped, it’s difficult to open or close the windows and seems to require Herculean strength.

2. You can feel a lot of draft coming in that never used to.

3. You are looking to save money on heating and cooling costs and better insulate your home, and your current windows are made of plain old single paned glass.

4. You put storm windows up each fall and take them down each spring, and you wish there was a better, less maintenance-intensive way.

5. Your frames and sills are worn, scratched, ugly, and do not complement your decor.

6. The glass no longer has a good seal to the frames and rattles in a strong wind.

7. They leak!

Custom replacement windows, Denver homeowners are finding, are a home improvement investment that is more than worthwhile. They can quickly give any room a style upgrade, more visual interest (depending on the type you choose, of course), make you more comfortable in your own home year round, and save you money (once they’ve paid themselves off with your energy savings.

If you are currently in the market for custom replacement windows, Denver or anywhere on the Front Range, why not give us a call? We can run you through the different materials and styles available, and give you a highly competitive quote for the job. We have over two decades in the home improvement and custom replacement window business . . . and we would love to earn your business! Please contact us today for more information.