Wonderfull Replacement Styles at Scottish Home ImprovementDenver is full of beautiful, historical neighborhoods and when it comes to homes, character often comes with age here.  However, energy efficiency may be lacking in your home, and one big reason for that can be old windows.

Making the right investment when it comes to replacement windows involves choosing windows that will upgrade the insulation in your home.  However, usually the next priority in line is the replacement window styles you can choose from to truly make your home look great.

The style of windows you choose for each area of your home can define the look you want.  Whether you want your home to have a cottage feel, or a sleek style, the windows you choose can help you achieve that look cohesively with your décor, as well as provide great energy efficiency for your home.  Here are some of the replacement window styles that we offer to Denver homeowners:

  • Picture windows: Picture windows do not move, so this is a simple, basic window.  Picture windows are common for areas where you want a great view, as this style won’t obstruct any natural beauty outside your home.
  • Single hung windows:  This is the traditional opening window style.  They open and close vertically, and one panel is fixed while the other is the opening piece.  When it comes to windows that open, single hung is considered the most energy efficient.
  • Double hung windows:  Double hung windows also functional vertically, but both the top and bottom of the window can open.  You can have either the top or the bottom fully open at once with these windows.  While they are considered slightly less energy efficient because of having more movable parts, the versatility of this style makes it popular.
  • Horizontal slider windows: These windows are similar to single or double hung styles, but they move horizontally instead of the traditional vertical.  This is a great choice for windows that are particularly wide in any home.
  • Casement and Awning windows: Casement windows are hinged on one side and they are usually either pushed or cranked to open outward.  This replacement window style offers the biggest opening for a window.  Awning windows are similarly hinged, but at the top instead, so they push open on the bottom.  This style allows you to open a window without letting harsh weather like rain come inside.
  • Bay and Bow windows:  Bay windows consist of three flat windows on the actual walls of a house.  Bow windows are constructed by attaching multiple flat windows to one another to create a curved effect.  Both styles create a spacious look for any area of your home.
  • Garden windows: Garden windows offer a sort of small greenhouse area.  As a type of bay window, they provide a shelf area with a top window pane that lets extra light onto the shelf.  This window style is common in kitchens where you can grow herbs on the shelf of the garden window.

Replacement Window Styles with Scottish Home Improvements

Our experts have the experience to help you choose the perfect replacement window styles to complement and enhance the beauty of your Denver home.  Give us a call or send an email to get an estimate for replacement windows today.