Choosing the best interior window color for your home isn’t always an easy choice. Most windows come in a wood finish which can be stained any shade to match your interior design. This is nice, since every home is a little different, and each homeowner has a different idea of what is best for their home.

Keeping the windows wood-colored, perhaps to match the furniture in the particular room, is a fairly traditional choice, one wherein you use the window frame colors to tie together the entire look of the room.

Another window frame color choice would be to paint the new window frames the same color as your walls, perhaps in a high gloss paint. And yet another choice would be to paint them in a matching shade, either darker or lighter than the walls.

And of course, you could always choose window frame colors that are entirely different. White is classic and freshens up a space considerably.

So when the time comes to install replacement windows, perhaps with low-e glass for substantial energy savings, consider not just the type of glass and the style of windows you want, but also the window frame styles and colors you want as well.

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All of these details will make a huge difference to your home. The style of window and the type of glass have the potential to save you money on heating and cooling bills, which is always a good thing. But don’t make that your only consideration.

The style of window frame and the window frame colors have the potential to really alter and enhance the look of your home on the inside. They are an integral part of your décor, and need some serious consideration.

By the way, the most popular type of replacement window sold today is vinyl, not wood. But a good quality vinyl window can be made with a finish that looks like wood, so you can have modern windows in any kind of wood-stained color or look.

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