Most of our Denver clients are familiar with bay windows but not as many know what bow windows are. They are a type of bay window, with some significant and beautiful differences. With bow windows, Denver homeowners can add more light and openness to a room, add a beautiful architecturally designed window to their home, and take advantage of their views.

But bay windows can also do that, so what’s the difference, you ask.

Bay windows consist of three vertical panes, joined at angles to form a window that projects outward, rather than flush against the walls of the home. It has a rather geometric effect. But bow windows, Denver window contractors will tell you, have five or even seven panes of glass, so that the angles at which they are joined are much shallower. The panes create not a geometric effect, but a rounded effect, like the shape of a bow. (The kind you shoot an arrow with, not the kind you tie.) This also projects outward from the walls of the home, requiring a certain amount of space in the yard to be installable.

Bow windows are elegant, classy, and give a very high end look to any room. They can even be built to wrap around the corner of the room, putting windows on two adjoining walls and creating the effect of a turret from the outside. With bow windows, Denver homes take a giant step toward extraordinary.


Your custom bow windows can be built as simply or ornately as you’d like, with wood frames or vinyl frames. You can have low-e glass added for thermal efficiency. We recommend that, because a bow window will add a significant amount of glass to your room, which could make it much colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. With the added low-e glass, that effect will be ameliorated to a significant degree.

Why bow windows, Denver? Let’s say you have an older home, with a not-that-huge living room. And that living room has a couple of tiny windows wrapping around the walls. You could replace those small windows with a much larger bow window and suddenly find that your too small living room now looks much more spacious and inviting.

Bow windows are beautiful and eye-catching from both the interior and exterior of a home. They can definitely add more light to a room and more value to a home, along with uniqueness and an individualized look that many homeowners prefer. It reminds them of the days when architecture had much more flourishes than the somewhat dull rectangular boxes that have been built in the past fifty or sixty years.

For more information or a quote on bow windows, Denver or anywhere across the Front Range and into the Rockies, please contact us today.