SuperSpan™ Heavy Gauge Premium Vinyl Soffit

The Superior Choice for Extended Overhangs

Alside SuperSpan Heavy Gauge Premium is the ultimate vinyl soffit product for Denver homes with extended overhangs, eaves, and balconies. This super durable, super rigid soffit measures 20% thicker than traditional soffit panels, making it the ideal solution for extended projections like porches and entryways. No matter what comes your way, be it winter storms, high speed winds, or humidity, SuperSpan soffit will keep your home dry and warm and protected from the elements. SuperSpan’s Hurricane Locking System keeps panels secured tightly in place so that your home can endure even the worst weather. And its smart woven design ensures proper ventilation to prevent the accumulation of water and moisture and keep wall interiors from rotting or molding. For super protection and a super stunning look, opt for Alside SuperSpan.

SuperSpan Vinyl Soffit Features & Benefits

If you’re looking for a vinyl soffit product to cover your porch, entryway, or overhang, look no further. SuperSpan is the solution you need. It’s beautiful, affordable, and offers a multitude of exciting features and benefits including:

Hurricane Locking System: SuperSpan’s advanced Hurricane Locking System helps to ensure that panels stay tightly in place even in the event of high speed winds.
Smart design: SuperSpan is manufactured using an evolved lancing technique that provides for an aerated surface and allows for maximum air circulation.
Beautiful appearance: Detailed grooves and fine lines create a “wood” like texture that adds natural looking beauty to your home’s exterior.
Durability: When compared to other vinyl soffit products, SuperSpan was found to be 20% thicker on average, making it ideal for longer spans and vertical applications.
Warranty: SuperSpan soffit is backed by Alside’s Lifetime Warranty so homeowners can experience peace of mind and feel comfortable with their investment.

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