Specialty Wood Products – Reclaimed Wood Siding

In addition to our extensive inventory of high quality building materials, we are able to source Reclaimed Barn Siding from old barns that may be well over 100 years of age. Reclaimed siding, beams and other components allow you to utilize weathered textures and faded shades of brown, gray and red to capture a vanishing era reflected on the sides of America’s barns.

  • Reclaimed: We stock a variety of reclaimed sidings, trim and timbers. Typically sorted for color, we sell “as is”, straight line ripped or milled to pattern. Every batch is different so please contact us about our current inventory.
  • Windswept:       “Windswept” is a new factory-milled and finished trim and siding designed to replicate the natural texture and patina of aged and weathered barn wood. All products are machine-factory finished using Olympic products. Windswept is manufactured from new lumber, providing a far less waste factor than you would normally see with standard reclaimed lumber.