HardieWrap® Weather Barriers

HardieWrap Weather Barriers

Colorado’s weather isn’t always sunny days and blue skies. During certain times of the year, seasonal weather can get quite fierce, which makes additional insulation for your home’s exterior extremely important. But thanks to James Hardie, Denver homeowners can confidently weather the storms and anything else that Mother Nature happens to unleash with HardieWrap weather barriers. HardieWrap weather barriers are specifically engineered for climate and are design to prevent water intrusion while also being highly breathable which allows moisture and weather to easily escape.

ardieWrap Weather Barrier Features

HardieWrap weather barriers offer a reliable, durable solution from protecting your home from the elements and offers you and your family comfort and peace of mind. With HardieWrap, Denver homeowners can experience many enjoyable benefits including:

Water protection: HardieWrap products are water and moisture resistant to help prevent water damage, mold, and mildew.
Breatheable: Non-perforated, non-woven polyolefin materials are highly breathable and allow water vapor and moisture to escape from within.
Tear resistance: HardieWrap products are highly durable and hard to penetrate and difficult to tear.
Energy efficient: HardieWrap products add insulation to the walls of your home to prevent heating and cooling loss.
High performance: When tested against other products, HardieWrap weather barriers outperform competitors by far.

HardieWrap Products

No matter the size, shape, or specs of your home, there’s a HardieWrap product out there for you. Combine the following solutions to create an indestructible weather barrier for your home:
Weather Barrier: HardieWrap Weather Barriers keep water out of your home and protect it from rain and snow while allowing inside moisture to escape.
Pro-Flashing: HardieWrap Pro-Flashing fastens to windows and doors for water protection and insulation.
Flex Flashing: HardieWrap Flex Flashing is easily stretched and wrapped around oddly shaped windows and doors that are hard to seal.
Seam Tape: HardieWrap Seam Tape helps keep HardieWrap weather barriers and products in place and patches up small holes and seams.