HardieSoffit® Panels

HardieSoffit Panels

When it comes to your exterior, you need products that you can count on to protect your home from the elements and ensure its structural integrity. That’s why there’s HardieSoffit panels. HardieSoffit panels are durable and weather resistant, making them perfect for Colorado’s variant temperatures and seasonal conditions. HardieSoffit panels are a beautiful way to protect and cover overhangs and eaves like balconies, awnings, and porch ceilings and are available in both vented and non-vented styles to meet your building requirements and aesthetic needs.

Vented vs. Non-Vented Soffits

Soffits are key components to the construction of any home. These panels work to protect the exterior of your home from the elements by covering overhangings like roof eaves, balconies, and porch ceilings and aid in circulation. Generally, there are two different types of soffits: non-vented and vented. Vented soffits have small openings that allow air to flow into and circulate within the overhang whereas non-vented do not.

When it comes to soffits, there is no better choice than James Hardie HardieSoffit panels. HardieSoffit panels come in both vented and non-vented styles, allowing you to meet the exact needs of your home and building code requirements. Both styles offer long-lasting protection from the elements and are available in a wide range of finishes to complement your existing architecture.

HardieSoffit Panel Finishes

Whether you’re looking for a natural finish or something more contemporary and modern, there’s a HardieSoffit panel for you. HardieSoffit panels are available in many different textures and finishes including:

Non-Vented Cedarmill: Experience the natural beauty of cedar with this beautiful faux alternative finish.
Vented Cedarmill: This finish exhibits a beautiful wood like appearance and is also vented to meet building code regulations.
Vented Smooth: Smooth and simple, add this finish to your exterior for a classic, elegant look.
Non-Vented Smooth: Vented soffits provide excellent circulation and airflow and exhibit a smooth, neutral appearance for versatility.