Board & Batten Vertical Siding

Timeless Beauty & Historic Intrigue

Alside® Board & Batten® Premium Vinyl Siding adds classic beauty to historic or aged properties and is perfect for adding detail or placing emphasis on certain features of your home. This beautiful vinyl siding exhibits a wide vertical board face accented by a delicate batten projection to give it an authentic vintage look. With Alside® Board & Batten®, you can replace aged or worn siding without altering the historic appearance of your home. It’s also great for adding variety to your siding or highlighting the architectural features that make your City Park home unique. Add Board & Batten® to your porch area to place an emphasis on height or use it to accent second story windows and balconies for subtle style. Whatever you choose, with the distinct beauty of Board & Batten® Premium Vinyl for your South Broadway re-siding project, you can’t go wrong.

Alside® Board & Batten® Features & Benefits

If you’re looking to reside your historic home or multifamily home, then Alside® Board & Batten® is the solution you need. Alside® Board & Batten® Siding offers many outstanding benefits and features for you and your family to enjoy including:

Stunning colors: Alside® Board & Batten® is available in over 25 different beautiful colors so you can experience freedom and versatility with your new home design.
Durability: Heavy duty panel thickness creates an authentic vintage look and protects your home from harsh weather and storms.
Top notch warranty: Alside® Board & Batten® comes with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty*, ensuring that your investment stays protected long term.
Historic appeal: Historically inspired details stay true to characteristics of 19th-century architecture.
Easy maintenance: Vinyl siding is easily maintained with minimal care and cleaning.

*See Alside Warranty for details.

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Alside® Board and Batten® Premium Vertical Vinyl Siding