The weather here in Loveland can be beautiful for the most part but, at times, incredibly challenging. These sometimes extreme weather patterns mean choosing a siding to protect your home is critical to success. Things like incredibly strong UV rays to the wild hailstorms are all things that ravish the front range. Therefore, certain sidings just work better for homes here in Loveland than others. Read on to learn which types of siding we, here at Scottish Home Improvements, know work best for homes here and why they stand above others.

Siding Choices From A Professional Installer

  1. Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber cement siding is likely the best choice for weather-appropriate siding in Loveland. However, not all fiber cement siding are equal. We have a close partnership with the most reliable fiber cement brand in the industry–James Hardie® because we have found it to be the strongest and most durable fiber cement products available today. Its resistance to cracking, fading, and warping are just a few reasons it is a great choice for Loveland homes. It even stands up to the intense summer heat and winter storms here and still looks fantastic. Also, it offers unparalleled protection from birds, insects, hail and even fire.
  2. Composite Siding: LP SmartSide is a composite siding, like fiber cement but with a different make-up of ingredients. This siding has unparalleled durability against the inclement weather we tend to see here in Loveland. Its impact resistance is incredibly high meaning that you don’t need to worry when you see the dark hail clouds rolling in during spring and summer. It also resists termites and fungal decay better than most sidings on the market. But best is its superior paint adhesion qualities which leads to superior UV resistance and less fading from our intense high-altitude sun.
  3. Diamond Kote Siding: This type of siding is technically a siding is built off of LP® SmartSide® products. Essentially it is a tough coating added to LP Smartside and backed by a 30-Year No Fade Finish Warranty and 5/50-Year Limited Siding Systems Warranty. Therefore it is a smart choice for any Loveland home looking to stay beautiful for the next three decades or more. Your Loveland home will be safe from the hail and heat and nearly anything else Mother Nature has to throw at it when you choose Diamond Kote. This built off siding coating brings with it the peace of mind of efficacy backed by an exceptional warranty. Also, it is a green product, made from renewable sources and with strict adherence to Sustainable Initiative® standards.
  4. Vinyl Siding: When it comes to price vinyl siding is always a good budget choice. It is the most cost-effective way to cover your Loveland home against everything our sometimes crazy weather patterns will throw your way. Our vinyl siding of choice is Alside Vinyl siding because it provides both functionality and beauty. It is a siding option that will fulfill both your aesthetic and performance needs. Alside is a premium vinyl siding, meaning it is a bit more expensive than other vinyl siding but is well worth the extra cost since it allows for better insulation and energy efficiency. It even has soundproofing qualities. Best of all, Alside vinyl siding is easy to maintain and offers homeowners several attractive design options.
  5. Wood Siding: When you want that authentic Colorado look, there simply is no match for the look of real wood siding. Which is why we suggest it for vintage Loveland homeowners and mountain homes as well. The vast selection of colors and wood species to choose from means you can get exactly the natural look you want. It is a readily available product and incredibly fast to install and/or easy to repair. However, by far the best quality of this siding it is a green siding option–100% biodegradable and easy to find in sustainably sourced options

For more information on any of the sidings we think work for Loveland homes and schedule a free, on-site consultation for pricing, contact us at Siding Loveland today!