Re-siding one individual home is not any problem at all for most home improvement companies. But what if you’re considering re-siding several multifamily units? For this size of a project, you should consider a home improvement company that can handle that volume.

According to, multifamily houses are buildings that contain separate residences for two or more families or roommates. They include duplexes, triplexes and apartment buildings with a number of residential units.

Another multifamily siding job would come about when a covenant community’s HOA decides to re-side the entire community, either because the old siding is out of date, or to keep property values high.

Multifamily siding requires an experienced home improvement contractor who knows which products to use and how to approach the job. When you work with us, we can make recommendations for the most appropriate siding for your community or multifamily building’s needs, and can help you choose the siding that will also allow you to bring your siding project in on budget.

By the way, just so you know, in case you had any doubt at all, Scottish Home Improvements is the only James Hardie® Preferred Contractor in the area with significant experience in multi-family siding.

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Here are some of the things to consider when choosing multifamily siding.

    • The cost, of course. We know this is always a main consideration.
    • The durability of the siding and its suitability for the climate in your area. For instance, if you are looking for multifamily siding in a mountain community where there is a yearly threat of wildfires, wood siding might not be your best choice.
    • The guarantee/warranty of the product.
    • The maintenance it will require, such as how many years it can be expected to look great without needing painting.
    • The style and color choices available. Does the product you are considering give your multifamily units the look you want to keep the property values and the aesthetics high?

If you have any questions about multifamily siding, we hope you will call us.
If you are taking bids on a multifamily siding project of any kind, we sincerely hope you will seriously consider allowing us to make a bid.

At Scottish Home Improvements, we believe our workmanship is second to none, and over the years customers have told us many times that our customer service is also second to none.

And it goes without saying that we have a full line of high-quality, high performance sidings to choose from. One of them is sure to be perfect for your project’s needs.