How Centennial Neighborhoods like Walnut Hills, Homestead, Fox Ridge, Willow Creek, and Lone Tree Are Prime for Residing with James Hardie

If you live in the Centennial area of Colorado, there’s a good chance your home may be due for siding replacement. Keeping up on top of your siding is important for maintaining the value and energy efficiency of your home. It’s also important to maintain your siding because it helps ensure that the building envelope of your home is in good condition.

Many of the homes in some of the older neighborhoods in Centennial like Walnut Hills, Homestead, Fox Ridge, and Willow Creek, as well as some neighborhoods in Lone Tree are coming up on the twenty-five year mark. Though the exact year mark tends to vary depending on location and the type of siding, is about the average age when a home is due for siding replacement.

If your home is in need of siding replacement, one option you should definitely consider is James Hardie. James Hardie is perfect for Centennial’s climate and is also a very beautiful type of siding as well.


How New Siding Can Preserve Your Home’s Building Envelope

For those who are unfamiliar, the building envelope of a home is the physical barrier that separates the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building. It is composed of many structures, including roofing, foundation, doors, walls, and windows. The main purpose of a building envelope is to provide support, control water, air, and heat, and create a beautiful exterior.

A home’s building envelope can be compromised in the event of water intrusion or damage. This leads to a number of problems with the home’s structural integrity and insulation. Replacing your siding when it has been damaged or become worn down can help prevent many of these issues from occuring.

Why James Hardie for Centennial Neighborhoods?

Tons of homeowners swear by James Hardie products and claim that they’re amazing. And we tend to agree with them. Especially for homes located someplace where a more durable type of siding is needed for environment reasons like Centennial, James Hardie is an excellent choice.

James Hardie is by far one of the most durable types of siding out there. It’s resistant to fires, pests, moisture, uv radiation, and just about everything else. Not to mention, its beauty is extraordinary. Various profiles, textures, and colors give James Hardie siding the ability to boost the curb appeal of any home.

Get a Quote on James Hardie in Centennial

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Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Scottish Home Improvements. In 2002, Martin became inspired to start his own siding company after he had a negative experience with a local contractor. His goal was to set a new standard for the industry by providing excellent customer service. Today, Scottish Home Improvements is the top Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor in the state of Colorado. Over the years, Martin's company has received numerous awards and recognitions including 12 consecutive gold stars and an A+ Rating from the BBB as well as the James Hardie President's Club Award.