With the installation of new cedar siding, Denver homes carry on a long-standing Colorado tradition. Cedar is wildly popular here, and for good reason. It gives a home that fabulous rustic “mountain home” look that speaks to the Rocky Mountains and Western tastes. And siding a home with cedar shingles gives a completely different look than a horizontal or vertical siding, a look Colorado residents seem to really love.

With cedar siding, Denver homeowners are making a solid choice. As with all wood siding, if properly cared for cedar shingles can last a good thirty years. The siding will need occasional repainting and perhaps some other maintenance as well, as Colorado’s climate is so dry and wood is prone to drying out.

However, there are also other materials siding can be made from in a way that mimic’s the look of real cedar siding, Denver homeowners are finding out. And this material, specifically James Hardie’s fiber cement HardieShingle, has some pretty impressive advantages to recommend it.
First of all, this product is made from sustainable materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Second, the fiber cement HardieShingle, unlike real cedar shingles, will not burn. It is non-flammable, which can afford great peace of mind to those in the mountain communities that fall under threat of wildfires for much of the dry Colorado year.

Third, although your home will still look like it is sided with cedar siding, Denver termites and woodpeckers will have no interest in nesting in or munching on this product.

cedar wood siding denver

Fourth, it does not dry, split, or crack the way wood will.
And fifth, HardieShingle comes with a special ColorPlus technology that guarantees your color will hold and look beautiful for many years longer than painted or stained wood can.

“But we want real cedar siding,” Denver homeowners cry! “We don’t believe this newfangled fiber cement stuff will really look like cedar shingles!”

So why not take a look for yourselves? Click here to see the HardieShingle product we have been talking about.

When it comes to adding siding to your home, we are talking about a big purchase. You want to make sure you get the perfect product for your needs. Whether you finally decide you want to go with real cedar siding, another type of wood siding, or any of the various alternatives kinds of sidings, we can advise you on your choices.

If you are in the market for cedar siding, Denver and all up and down the Front Range, we hope you will give us a call for more information or a quote. With over ten years in the home improvement business and thousands of siding jobs under our tool belts, we would love to earn your business.