What makes HardiePlank siding such a great choice for your Denver home? First of all, HardiePlank is made of fiber cement by the James Hardie company. They produce the highest quality (and arguable most beautiful) home siding on the market today. With HardiePlank siding, Denver homeowners are buying a durable, low maintenance product to protect the exterior of their homes.

Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we have extensive experience selling and installing this wonderful product and are honored to be a James Hardie contractor.

HardiePlank siding is traditional lap siding, the horizontal type where each panel overlaps the one beneath it. This is the traditional home siding we’ve all become used to, and it is the James Hardie company’s biggest seller. However, there is nothing at all traditional about the material HardiePlank is made from.

With HardiePlank siding, Denver homeowners can take advantage of all the benefits that come along with fiber cement siding.

1. It’s non-flammable (as opposed to wood) and will not melt (as opposed to vinyl).

2. It’s engineered for climate, meaning Colorado’s blizzards, dry air, endless sunshine, gusting winds, and heavy rains will not damage it in the slights. With HardiePlank siding, Denver residents get a product that will not dry out and split, rot, be eaten by termites, blow off in a heavy gust, or fade in the sun.


3. HardiePlank is crafted with ColorPlus technology, meaning the color is not just painted on but actually baked in! This keeps the color fresh and new looking for many more years than wood siding and is warranted not to need repainting for fifteen years. That’s a lifetime in the omnipresent Denver sunshine!

4. It comes in a stunning array of colors and color combinations to make your home look rich, sophisticated, and simply beautiful. And it has a grain that looks like natural wood. (If you want a different color that is not part of the HardiePlank line, the panels can come already primed to be painted any color of your choice.)

5. With HardiePlank siding, Denver homeowners can add real value to their homes. Fiber cement siding has one of the highest ROI of any home improvement, higher even than adding another bedroom or bathroom onto your home.

After hearing all that, is it any surprise that HardiePlank is the most popular brand of siding in the United States today? For more information about HardiePlank siding, Denver or across the beautiful state of Colorado, we hope you will contact us today. We can answer any questions and offer you a quote for a siding project. Contact us via phone or using our handy online form.