Springtime in Colorado: the time when winter-weary homeowners stick their heads out and survey their domains. And by domains, we mean their property, their shrubbery, their flower beds, and the exteriors of their homes.


If you are a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep up with the maintenance on your home. This is not just cosmetic or aesthetic, it also maintains your home’s value. And depending on what type of home improvements you choose, you might even add to your home’s value.


James Hardie siding, Denver’s best home improvement value, is one such investment. And spring is the perfect time to add this stunning, high quality siding to your home. If you’ve been thinking about new siding and aren’t sure whether to go for traditional wood or its substantially cheaper cousin, vinyl, please take a few moments to consider James Hardie’s fiber cement siding.


As you know, the upkeep on wood siding is extensive and expensive, as is the siding itself. There is also danger from termites, wood rot, wood peckers, and let’s not forget fire.




Benefits of James Hardie Siding in Denver and the surrounding areas:


James Hardie siding products are a green choice, made of renewable resources (unlike wood) and use low-toxicity materials.


Fiber cement siding takes insulation to a whole new level, lowering your heating costs in Colorado’s cold winters. It’s five times thicker than vinyl siding, offering a much sturdier level of protection for your home.


This particular siding is what’s known as non-combustible, which is vitally important for mountain homes under any threat of wild fires. The siding will not melt or burn. Can wood or vinyl sidings make that claim?


James Hardie cement siding resists the harshest conditions nature can throw at it, including UV damage, wind up to 150 miles per hour, rain, pests such as the aforementioned termites, and heat. Unlike vinyl siding, cement siding is impervious to hail, another large concern in Colorado.


It doesn’t warp or peel and the color resists fading or chipping, requiring much less maintenance to stay looking great than other types of siding.


Do you have questions about which kind of siding is right for your home? Would you like to hear more about how James Hardie Siding Denver gives you the best ROI of any home improvement investment? (Even better than adding on a new bathroom!)


James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding has won the #1 spot for Return on Investment (compared to other home improvement projects) for eight straight years in a row. Call us to see their colors and styles, and let us help you find the perfect siding for your needs.