fiber cement siding stylesJames Hardie provides fiber cement siding designs that are durable and unique.  Fiber cement siding can withstand most fires, (in fact, in recent fires in San Diego, the only homes that were salvageable after the wildfire were those with fiber cement siding) and is also very durable against hurricanes.

Unlike wood siding, fiber cement siding is resistant to the negative effects of the elements.   Wood siding is prone to warping and water damage, while fiber cement siding is extremely durable, and warp resistant.   Also, because it is a type of cement, termites cannot get through it.  It is resistant to rain, snow, hail, sun, and other natural impacts that the outside of a home can be exposed to.

Why Fiber Cement Siding?

fiber cement siding designOne of the great benefits of fiber cement siding is that it has simple maintenance.  Wood siding, for example, becomes a problem when it is time to repaint.  As the paint chips on the wood, water is able to seep into the wood planks and create interior water damage which can be problematic in terms of both replacement and repainting.  Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, just needs a fresh coat of paint every five to ten years, with no chance of water damage or need for replacement.

Another option for siding is vinyl, which is also rot resistant and has low maintenance, but still lacks in comparison to fiber cement siding.  One of the biggest problems with vinyl siding is that it can be damaged by weather like hail very easily.  When you use vinyl siding, you are essentially covering your home in plastic, but with fiber cement siding, you can cover your home in sturdy cement that will last, and that looks great.

Fiber Cement Siding Design Choices

James Hardie provides many colors to choose from for their fiber cement siding, and it is designed to have the look and texture of wood siding.  This means that you can have the protection of strong cement siding with the look of wood-grain siding that is always popular.  James Hardie siding uses Color Plus technology to actually bake on the color you choose.  This paint is fade resistant, so you won’t have to paint your home as often as with normal paint products.

This fiber cement siding is also made specifically for the climate in certain locations.  What this means is that if you live in an area of the country with long summers and a lot of heat that will be bearing down on your house, (or any other climate) James Hardie has a specific siding that will be just right for you.  They have modified their siding to last longer based on the weather in each area they serve, so that you can feel even more confident that your siding will last.

Want To Learn More About Fiber Cement Siding?

To learn more about getting James Hardie siding on your home to protect against even the most severe elements, feel free to contact Scottish Home Improvements today.  We are looking forward to working with you to add this fantastic product to your home!