Fiber cement siding is a revolutionary building material manufactured for performance and durability for your Denver home. Fiber cement is a resilient composite of wood pulp, cement, and silica sand. This exterior building material excels in fire protection, moisture and rot resistance, pest control, and weather resistance. These comprehensive advantages are not found in competing wood or vinyl siding, and are exclusive to fiber cement siding. Not only is this siding effective in prolonging the life of your home, it also retains the look of wood and is all uniform in color.

Manufacturing Process of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is actually a century old product that was reinvented in the 80’s when asbestos was removed due to health concerns and replaced with various fibers. The interesting manufacturing process begins with silica sand that is ground down into smaller particles, then liquified with water. The next ingredient is wood pulp which gives the fiber cement siding its strength. The liquified silica sand, wood pulp, and cement are then all mixed together with a few additives to create a fiber cement slurry. This fiber cement slurry is then piped through cylindrical sleeves and pressed into a film while extra water content is removed. Large rollers press the fiber cement into sheets until they fuse together, then wood like patterns are pressed onto the siding. The final step in this process is baking the fiber cement siding sheets in autoclave high pressure ovens. The finished product can be stained or painted before installation.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie has created sustainable fiber cement siding that was recently recognized by Green Builder for most sustainable siding products. 75% of the materials used in James Hardie fiber cement siding are locally sourced and all materials are low in toxicity. The durability of fiber cement siding surpasses wood and vinyl, requiring less resources for replacement or repairs.

Watch this interesting Discovery and Science Channel’s clip about the exact beginning-to-end process of how fiber cement siding is created and manufactured:

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