With fiber cement siding, Denver homeowners get a home siding product that can easily stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at it. If you think about the Colorado climate, you’ll see how important siding is to your home’s comfort and durability. The first job of siding is to protect your home from the elements. It has to shed water, keep the home insulated, and keep on looking good for many decades.

That’s a tall order for any product, isn’t it? But with fiber cement siding, Denver residents receive a low maintenance product that will do everything a siding needs to do, and look fantastic at it.

Oh, and by the way, fiber cement siding (which has only been around for about a quarter of a century) is a green product, made of sustainable materials. No forests have to be chopped down, like they do with wood siding products such as cedar shingles.

Benefits of fiber cement siding, Denver and across the state:
1. Unlike wood, this product is non-flammable. It will add no fuel to a fire, making it a potential lifesaver for homes in Colorado’s mountain communities.

2. Termites have no interest in fiber cement. They can’t eat it. And woodpeckers can’t peck it. It has no appeal to any animals, except to the human kind.

3. It will not rot, crack, dry out in the Colorado sun, like wood can and does. Although well-maintained wood siding can last for 30 years easily, the key is the maintenance. With fiber cement siding, Denver residents can spend their money and time vacationing in the mountains instead of having their siding painted or patched.

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4. We sell fiber cement siding from the James Hardie company, the finest fiber cement siding in the world. This product is engineered for climate, meaning it is built to withstand the climate of the area it will be installed. In our case, that means built to withstand hail, sleet, blizzards, endless sunshine, dry air, gusting winds, and much more.

5. Once properly installed, fiber cement siding can withstand Category 5 hurricane winds.

6. It comes in an array of beautiful styles and colors, including the traditional horizontal plank siding, a unique vertical style, and HardieShingle, which has the look of traditional cedar shingles.

With the installation of fiber cement siding, Denver homeowners can also have another layer of insulation added beneath it, making their homes more energy efficient and saving them money on heating and cooling.

For more information about James Hardie fiber cement siding, Denver or anywhere up or down the Front Range and across the state, please contact Scottish Home Improvements today. We are your James Hardie fiber cement siding experts.