The nights are starting to get colder and the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn color.  Now that summer is over, home owners are starting to think more about their home’s exterior.  Are you one of those considering replacing or remodeling your home’s exterior this fall?  Here’s a few ideas.


5. Porch Addition

Some homes benefit so much both practically and aesthetically from the addition of a porch.  If you are thinking about residing the exterior of your home, that’s the perfect time to consider a porch addition.  This snazzy porch addition made the front of this suburban home look more elegant and the copper roofing was a fun detail to add a bit of a unique design element.


4. Replacement Doors

While most people think of replacement doors only in the context of fitting something into the space in which the previous doors existed.  Consider replacement doors that can really change the way you use your indoor/outdoor spaces.  This is a great example of how 3 doors installed adjacent to one another can really change the relationship between the inside and outside of your home.


3. Modern Siding

Often when we mention siding to consumers, think of horizontal lap siding, with each piece overlaying the other.  However durable James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding can also be used on modern homes.  This is a great here’s a great example of James Hardie panels used on this beautifully designed modern home.  James Hardie also has the added benefit of being fire retardant, which can be an important consideration in Colorado’s mountain neighborhoods.


2. Whole Home Makeover – New Windows & Siding

While it can be expensive, installing new window and siding in your home all at once is a great solution for enhancing your home’s cohesive aesthetic.  Here’s a great example of some beautiful new siding, windows, and a roof that was completed all at once.  What a cute home!


1. Stone Exterior Accents

Stone accents are a great way to break up your home’s exterior design. Whether it’s used sparingly on columns and corners, or used more prominently in larges areas, stone is a unique design feature that can make a gorgeous addition to your home.