When it comes to front doors, Denver homeowners know they can immediately give a great first impression, or a shabby, boring first impression. We do front door upgrades, replacing that worn door, that ugly door, that steel door, that warped door, that door that no longer shuts right, and that door that has broken in any of a million ways.

Most old front doors are made of wood or wood veneer. These doors are subject to warping, cracking, and delaminating over years of exposure to the tough Colorado climate. And even if your home came with a metal door, those don’t last forever either. The surface can become pitted or peeling.

Did you know that there are more energy efficient front doors, Denver, than that old drafty one you have now? Get a front door with a perfect seal, one that is weathertight, one that will not let your heat leak out all winter.

One of the reasons some of our clients want new front doors, Denver and across the state, is because they have decided to add stained glass to their entryway, to the sidelights and the transom window above the door. But if the door itself is not very attractive, the effect of the new stained glass will be somewhat diluted. The best solution: a brand new front door to fit the elegance and uniqueness of the stained glass.


Front doors, Denver homeowners already know, come in a wide variety of different woods and different styles. You might want a fiberglass door, which can come in varieties that look just like more expensive wood, but will not do all that warping and peeling. Or you might want a front door with glass panels, that can add more light into your entryway.

When it comes to replacing front doors, Denver homeowners turn to the experts at Scottish Home Improvements. We know that sometimes, the door can simply be switched out for another door of the same size, very quickly. But we also know that sometimes the door frame, if it is old wood, can also be warped or rotted. Or the house has done a lot of settling, and the door frame is no longer squared. In a case like that, the job is a bit more complicated, as the doorframe has to be replaced as well. To fit a new door into a no longer square frame, you will need wood, so that the sides or top or bottom can be planed to perfectly fit the opening.

For more information about replacement front doors, Denver or up and down the Front Range, please contact us at Scottish Home Improvements today.