A lot of Denver homes in need of replacement siding currently have dated wood siding featured on their exterior. Although wood siding offers a beautiful, elegant aesthetic, Denver homeowners recognize the tiresome, overbearing maintenance requirements. Denver homeowners with outdated wood siding typically look for vinyl siding that looks like wood in order to maintain the alluring aesthetic without having the sacrifice cost or durability.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding That Looks like Wood for Your Denver Home

Vinyl siding is a great cost-effective solution for Denver families working with a budget. There are some innovative vinyl siding options that mimic the appearance of wood, offering optimal aesthetics. Vinyl color and design options are virtually endless, giving homeowners a great opportunity to elevate curb appeal at an affordable cost. Vinyl siding offers high performance in durability as well and won’t crack, split, or rot. Since the color goes right through the panel, additional staining or painting isn’t required in its upkeep.

Vinyl Siding Installation Process

Our team of siding experts begin the installation process with an on-site consultation. This allows us to better understand each individual home’s needs while taking photos of your home’s exterior. Our top-of-the-line rendering software enables us the opportunity to create finalized 3D renderings of your home with potential vinyl siding options you’re interested in. This better informs our customers and choosing the right aesthetic for their home. We have a multitude of vinyl siding options that look like wood, perfect for any Denver home. Once you decide on the right siding with your project manager, we ensure a smooth, stress-free installation process. Scottish Home Improvements always provides a five year limited workmanship warranty, guaranteeing anything installation related is covered. Combined with the manufacturer warranty, your home will be protected in more ways than one.

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