Investing in new siding is one of the largest financial investments any Denver homeowner can make. When issues arise, it’s completely understandable why homeowners can get so upset. Here are the five biggest complaints homeowners have about siding installation and how to avoid them.

The Most Common Siding Installation Issues in Denver Homes

  1. Siding colors have traditionally been chosen based off of small samples. Homeowners that pick their siding color off of these small, in-person samples rather than looking at a rendering of their home from a computer-aided design, CAD, program are often disappointed in the final result.
  2. With numerous styles of siding available, this can be a fun opportunity to create a beautiful, custom design that improves the curb appeal of your home. It can be tough deciding where to split your home with a belly band, especially if homeowners aren’t utilizing CAD to see exactly where different siding materials should be used. Making these design decisions without proper renderings can also lead to disappointment.
  3. Most siding companies send a salesperson to discuss the exact siding design and create a contract. This salesperson is never seen again by the homeowners, leading to miscommunications between the homeowners, salesperson, and the siding crew that performs the work. The crew works off of the logistics provided in the contract and can miss certain requests made by the homeowners that were accidentally left out.
  4. Years after new siding has been installed, homeowners sometimes encounter structural issues with their home that could’ve been avoided if the siding crew was trained to evaluate existing issues when removing the old siding. While the structural concerns are not the fault of the siding installation, if the siding installers were licensed contractors, they would’ve been able to give the homeowners a heads up.
  5. Every Denver home is different. Even with the most skilled siding crews, each siding product requires specific installation guidelines for optimal longevity. Certain areas of the home also require specific clearances and protocol. Without a licensed contractor to advise the siding crew on the best siding installation practices, improper siding installations can lead to voided warranties as well as siding concerns that arise after the manufacturer warranty has expired.

How to Avoid These Siding Mistakes: the Scottish Difference

Scottish Home Improvements provides industry-leading siding installations that safeguard homeowners from these common siding Denver concerns. Every siding project begins with a project manager and CAD specialist meeting with homeowners in our design center. Homeowners will work closely with our CAD specialist to see accurate renderings of their home with all the potential siding brands, designs, and colors they’re interested in. Renderings are shown on a large format HD screen for optimal detail and color precision. Our renderings ensure that homeowners are able to make the most informed decisions regarding their home improvements project.

Rather than sending a salesperson, the first contact you’ll meet is your project manager. Your project manager will be your sole contact, ensuring no miscommunications arise regarding your siding project. Our project managers are always on-site during every project and are licensed contractors that can spot issues with the structural integrity of your home. They’ll be by your side from start to finish, guaranteeing everything you need is properly communicated to the siding crew. Our project managers always follow the best installation practices provided by each siding manufacturer to ensure that all of your warranties are valid and no issues will arise in the future.

For more information regarding our siding practices, please contact us!