Homeowners are always looking for the best investments for their properties. While there are so many different investment options to explore, one of the more popular exterior avenues is siding replacement. Siding replacement can deliver so many benefits for any homeowner but requires a significant financial investment. During these uncertain times, homeowners are looking at different available options as well. If your existing siding is still in good condition, painting may be an option to look into. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons and compare the differences between painting and siding replacement for Denver homes.

Important Factors to Consider for Your Denver Siding

While painting is a less costly way to refresh your home’s siding, there are some important factors to consider before doing so:

  • How old is your siding? While a fresh coat of paint can be incredible for your curb appeal, having siding that’s over 20 years old may require replacement instead. This all boils down to your budget and circumstances – at this age, the siding will probably require replacement within the next five years or so. If you’re not sure if your older siding is in good enough condition to warrant fresh paint, having a siding contractor inspect it would be a great option.
  • What’s your budget? There are certain cases where painting just makes more sense financially. If your siding is in moderate shape and you have a specific color in mind for updating your curb appeal, painting can save you a lot of money compared to siding replacement.
  • What’s the condition of your siding? Can you spot any gaps, buckles, or other damage on your siding? Is moisture seeping through? It’s imperative to have your siding replaced at this point. Painting damaged or rotted siding doesn’t make any sense financially as this requires replacement.
  • What are you trying to achieve aesthetically? If you can accomplish your dream curb appeal with color change and fresh paint alone, do so by painting. If you’re looking to change the design, highlight architectural features, or make more dramatic shifts, siding replacement is required.
  • How much do you need to increase your home’s value? If you’re planning on selling your home, increasing the value is always significant so you’re able to get the best price possible. Painting your siding typically increases the home’s value by 2% to 5%. For those looking into siding replacement, you’ll generally get back about 80% of the financial investment. However, new siding can attract more buyers so there’s a tradeoff.
  • What about the warranty? Most contractors offer workmanship warranties that cover their siding replacement work and siding painting work. These vary based on the contractor. Siding manufacturers and paint manufacturers both offer product warranties so this is something important to research for both options.

The Benefits of Painting Your Denver Siding

If you simply don’t have the money to invest in new siding and would like to explore painting instead, here are the benefits available:

  • Save between 50% to 80% by painting instead of replacing your siding
  • Improve the look of your siding by concealing weathered portions
  • Replace your siding’s protective coating
  • Increase your home value
  • Refresh your curb appeal with a new look
  • New layer of paint = new layer of protection for increased siding lifespan
  • Quick execution compared to siding replacement

Some downsides to consider with painting are that sometimes painting can void your siding warranty, new paint won’t last nearly as long as new siding, certain paints won’t work on certain siding materials, painting requires a lot of prep and cleaning, and there can be human error involved.

The Benefits of Siding Replacement for Your Denver Home

If it looks like you need your siding replaced and painting isn’t an option, here are some of the benefits to look for:

  • Optimal protection and better durability
  • Energy efficiency, soundproofing, and other upgrades
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Achieve your dream curb appeal
  • Pre-finished options available with high UV resistance and no painting requirements
  • Attracts more potential home buyers

Some of the downsides to consider with siding replacement are larger financial investment requirements, longer installation times compared to painting (pre-finished options are quicker), and not all costs recouped from the buyer.

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