Let’s face it, cedar siding is a Colorado classic. It gives that rustic mountain look that people just love. With the purchase of cedar siding, Denver residents are getting an extremely durable product, one that can last 60 years with the proper maintenance.

But those two words, proper maintenance, are the key. Cedar siding, Denver residents understand, is a natural wood. This makes it somewhat susceptible to the elements, particularly the sometimes harsh Colorado climate. Cedar siding in Denver must stand up to over 300 days of sunshine a year beating down on it and causing it to dry out and crack. Not to mention heavy snows which can cause it to rot. Of course, insects and woodpeckers love to eat it. And if you are in a mountainous area which is prone to summer forest fires, that lovely cedar can be a big hazard to your home. All these elements can take a toll on the look and longevity of cedar siding.

Here at Scottish Home Improvements, we have installed a lot of cedar siding, Denver and across the state. But these days, we are recommending something else, a siding that can mimic the gorgeous appearance of natural cedar siding. But it needs a fraction of the maintenance. We are talking about fiber cement siding.

This “green” composite siding product is made from sustainable materials. So not only are no forests cut down to create it, the siding itself is actually fire-resistant and non-flammable. With fiber cement cedar siding, Denver homeowners can have the look they love, without that wood’s tendency to dry, split, rot, or be eaten by termites or nested in by woodpeckers. Critters don’t like it, but we definitely do.

Cedar/Wood Siding Denver

Scottish Home Improvements is an experienced installer of cedar and other wood siding products in Denver and across Colorado, especially in the ski communities of Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Silverthorne & Dillon.

One of the issues with the maintenance on real cedar siding, Denver homeowners have discovered, is that the color fades in the sun. It requires either regular repainting, or leaving it to fade to its natural greyish brownish color. With fiber cement cedar siding, the color holds much longer and requires considerably less repainting over the lifetime of the siding. This can save a homeowner thousands over the years.

So when it comes to cedar siding, Denver residents now have a great choice of products, both of which will give them that rustic mountain-cabin look they love. Traditional natural wood cedar siding, or fiber cement cedar-lookalike siding.

Which product would you choose, now that you’ve learned a bit more about each one?

For more information about choices in cedar siding, Denver or across the state of Colorado, we hope you will contact us today. We can answer any questions, help you decide which is the best siding for your home, and give you a competitive bid for the job.