Let’s talk about your home’s entryway. You want it to feel welcoming, inviting. You want it to be a place that makes you feel good when you get home. And of course, the main part of your entryway is your front door.

Although a front door could be steel or fiberglass, depending on your needs, a wooden door is the eternal classic. It simply has a “feel” to it that says “home.” What kind of front door you have right now? Could your front door use an upgrade? Do you want something to make your entryway stand out a bit more, or to add an extra element of visual appeal?

When it comes to entryways, wood doors probably give homeowners the most options as far as design styles. Wooden doors can be made from a variety of kinds of wood, they can be carved into for different style, and various finishes can be applied to create a different look. They can have a large or small glass panel, which can let more light into your home’s foyer or entryway, and they can be turned into works of art by the insertion of a beautiful, custom designed stained glass panel into just part, or the whole door.

By the way, if you are adding stained glass to your new wood front door, consider also putting a matching design into the windows on either side of the door, known as sidelights. Few things will give your entryway more class and sophistication than a wood door with stained glass—a classic and ever popular combination for good reason!

Colorado Entryway

Not convinced? Please peruse Scottish Home Improvements’ entryway gallery. These photos can show you just some of the many ways a new wood door in your entryway will completely change its look and feel.

What kind of wooden door appeals to you? Do you want it painted, in a matching or contrasting color to match your décor? Or do you love the look of natural wood, the knots that give it character, the swirls and beautiful natural grain that reminds you you’re looking at what once was a strong, vibrant, living tree? Do you love the look of cherry, or pine, or mahogany? Your new wood door can have a variety of finishes that will give you just the look you want.

But please be advised, when choosing a wooden door, you will pay more than for a steel or fiberglass one. But it will be more than worth the cost in terms of the beauty you are adding. We’ve all seen cheap, ugly apartment doors! If your home is your castle, your showplace, your creative outlet, then don’t settle. Choose a heavy, quality wood door.

Why not give us a call and talk to one of our home improvement experts about the perfect wood door for your entryway?