Vinyl Siding Colorado

Vinyl Siding in Colorado

Vinyl siding is the most common siding product in Colorado.  It is affordable, durable, and requires little to no maintenance over time.  Vinyl siding insulates and protects your home from much of the harsh weather we endure in Colorado like heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and hot summers.

Even though the strength, durability, and maintenance of your new siding are probably the most important aspects, you also want to make a purchase that you love, and get the right look for your home.  There are tons of options for vinyl siding styles for your home, and Scottish Home Improvements can help you make key decisions on which look is best for your home

Practical Vinyl Siding Styles for Colorado

The most common vinyl siding style is traditional lap siding.  Lap siding is made of long, horizontal, panels, and it’s probably the look you think of when you picture siding.  This style can be manufactured to look like wood siding, and you can choose from tons of colors for your home.

Another great style available in vinyl is insulated lap siding.  This is also lap siding, and it looks the same on the outside as the traditional vinyl option.  However, it isn’t hollow like the traditional option.  Instead, it is filled with premium insulation that will better protect your home from the climate outside, and help reduce your energy costs for heating and cooling your home.  This makes it a great option for vinyl siding in Colorado.

Hand split shake and half round styles are visually reminiscent of shingles.  This style is popular with traditional, southern, and cottage style homes because of its charming look.  These shingles look great with bright trim as well.

Board batten siding is astyle that involves vertical panels, unlike many of the other options for vinyl siding for your Colorado home.  It is very popular on cabin-style homes, which are commonly found in our Colorado mountain neighborhoods.

We offer vinyl siding from two major, quality brands; Prodigy and Alside.  Both of these companies provide excellent quality vinyl siding, and our installers and project managers are the best in the business.  Each brand offers hundreds of different color and style combinations, so you can find the perfect look for your unique home.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the different styles for vinyl siding in Colorado, or to set up an on-site consultation with one of our experts.  No matter which style you choose for your home, you’ll have great protection from all of our unexpected Colorado weather changes.  Let Scottish Home Improvements show you the wonderful benefits of having vinyl siding for your Colorado home.