Colorado properties have it tough– from severe weather extremes to rapid climate change, pest exposure, and high UV radiation, it’s vital to find the right siding solutions in order to defend your investment. Finding the right siding option can seriously lower maintenance requirements and require less work for repairs and replacement in the long run. While the budget is always a priority for customers, it’s important to evaluate and compare future costs with the initial investment.

Benefits of Finding a Durable Siding Option for Your Colorado Home

With so many advancements in siding, it can highly benefit homeowners to take advantage of these durable materials that have been engineered for all of our environmental factors. Fiber cement siding is a great option especially since it has high resistance to moisture, pests, impact, termites, fungal decay, UV radiation, and even fire. Our recommended fiber cement siding option is from James Hardie®. For an even more moderately priced option that features similar durability, engineered wood siding is also a great choice. We recommend LP® SmartSide®— this highly durable siding product is also resistant to impact, moisture, pests, and UV radiation. Advancements in aesthetics have been made for steel siding making it a great option for your Colorado home as well. Steel siding has the highest durability and lowest maintenance needs but is available at a higher price than fiber cement and engineered wood.

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Choosing the Right Siding Option for Colorado Homes

There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing the right siding option for your home. Since this is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, it’s vital to be an educated consumer. One should always consider curb appeal, durability, product warranty, energy efficiency, resistance to Colorado environmental factors, and maintenance requirements.

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