Siding Colorado

Colorado is known for its’ extreme, fast-changing, weather of all kinds. Anything from harsh heat in the summers, to freezing winters, to large hail storms pass through our great state and this could mean damage for your home.

If you’ve owned a home in Colorado, you’ve probably experienced some kind of damage due to the weather. It can be very difficult to prepare for unpredictable snow during early summer, and all of the other odd days we have here, but protecting your home with the right siding is important.

Influences on Your Colorado Siding

Since we have heavy snow and rain seasons here, consider the materials you use on your home. Wood siding can easily be warped or begin rotting because of heavy exposure to water, so it generally has more maintenance and doesn’t last as long as other siding materials in Colorado.

Another factor to consider when living in this state is the possibility of wildfires. This natural disaster can take down entire neighborhoods, and even though they are only a problem in the mountains and heavily wooded areas, these areas carry a lot of appeal for new residents.

At Scottish Home Improvements we want to help you protect the important investment of your home, and here that means getting the right siding on your Colorado home.

All of the siding options we offer will look great, and we can provide you with the best protection available. We offer fiber cement siding with James Hardie, which protects your home against any weather or disaster you can think of, even wildfires. We also offer vinyl siding in Colorado, which insulates and protects your home from most weather elements, and looks great.

We also offer steel siding, another extremely durable option. It does not take damage from hail, like vinyl often does, and it is fire resistant. You won’t have to worry about rotting or warping either, and it’s extremely compatible with commercial buildings because of its simple, clean look.

Most siding options today will give you solid protection from our extreme climates, but new siding also gives you the opportunity to achieve a look that you love for your home, as most materials are available in many different color and style options.

Getting the right siding in Colorado can protect you home, one of your most important investments, for years to come. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about the siding options we offer, or to ask us questions about the importance of your siding, Colorado.