Cedar siding has been around for years, giving homes a unique timeless look. If you’re a homeowner living in Denver and would like cedar siding for your home, Scottish Home Improvements can help. Our experts have been managing siding projects for over 20 years and you can rest assured that your cedar siding project will run smoothly.

Cedar siding, Denver homeowners agree, is not only beautiful and traditional, but it really evokes the feeling of the mountains. This might be one of the secrets of cedar siding’s enduring popularity. If you like a rustic look, then you probably love cedar shingle siding. If done with good quality wood and installed expertly, this siding can last the lifespan of a house.

However, with our two decades of home siding experience, we believe that cedar is a great choice for Denver itself, but perhaps not the best choice for the mountains communities. Particularly if they are in areas subject to summer wild fires, because of course, any wood product is highly flammable. When it comes to cedar siding, Denver and the surrounding mountain communities have somewhat differing needs. We believe that fiber cement, which can be made in a style that exactly replicates cedar shingles, is a better choice for these high fire risk areas, because it is non-flammable. It also doesn’t dry out or rot from the harsh mountain climates the way natural wood does either. And it requires less maintenance, which is always a good thing.

Scottish Home Improvements Cedar Siding

So you are in the market for new siding, and cedar shingles are your top choice in terms of appearance. If so, you are in good company. Perhaps your question might be, are cedar shingles the best choice for my home, or can I get that same look with a more durable and more appropriate material? For cedar siding, Denver and the rest of Colorado do have various alternatives these days. There are other types of siding, such as the aforementioned fiber cement siding, that create a cedar shingle look alike product. Now, we’re not going to swear that you couldn’t tell the difference between the two, especially up close, but the look is so similar that we think you would be happy either way.

Cedar siding for Denver houses? And a cedar alternative for rustic-mountain homes in heavy snow or fir risk areas? It is a big decision and with our twenty years of siding experience, we’d be happy to help you make that decision. Why not contact Scottish Home Improvements today so we can answer your questions, help you decide on the perfect siding for your project, and get that siding ball rolling?