Why Is LP SmartSide For Smart Homeowners In Centennial

LP Smartside is arguably one of the best siding choices on the market for homes all over the US.  However, for homes in the Centennial, Colorado area it is particularly well suited for a number of reasons we will discuss below.

LP SmartSide Is Impact Resistant

LP SmartSide does not divot after impact nearly as much as vinyl or fiber cement because it is made out of resin and wood fibers, which are more flexible than Fiber Cement and stronger than vinyl.   But why does being more difficult to dent than Vinyl or fiber cement matter to Centennial homes in particular? It is because Colorado cities, like Centennial, experience an inordinate amount of hail storms compared to other places in the US.  Which means, LP Smartside is a very good choice for homes in Centennial.

LP SmartSide Is An Affordable Option For Centennial Homeowners

Let’s face it, the housing prices in Colorado have skyrocketed in the last 5 years and if you have bought a home in this time you likely paid quite a bit to get into your home.  This means your housing budget is already tight, so premium Fiber Cement siding may simply be out of your budget. With LP Smartside you can still get all, if not most, of the benefits of a premium siding, at a price point that you can more easily afford. One of the strongest selling points of LP SmartSide is the how much (or little) it costs.  In general, LP SmartSide is about 25%-35% less than premium fiber cement but you won’t need to sacrifice quality or beauty if you purchase it.

For more information on LP SmartSide, watch the video below:

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