A Colorado Springs Siding Contractor You Can Trust

Colorado Springs has a number of different neighborhoods that all have distinct architectural styles. Due to the diversity of the city and individuality of the residents, it is important to choose a siding contractor that has experience and expertise in a number of different types of siding methods and choices. It is also important to work with a siding contractor that is local and has personal knowledge of the area. At Scottish Home Improvements, we can provide all of this and more.

The developments on the outskirts of the city are perfect candidates for both vinyl siding and James Hardie® siding. Vinyl siding would be a suggestion for homes where the value of the home requires a less expensive solution. We often work with prodigy vinyl siding because with its amazing insulating properties it works well for most of these homes. James Hardie fiber cement siding works well to protect homes from the wind, hail, snow, and rain. With the spontaneous weather in Colorado Springs, these concerns become very prevalent.


James Hardie® Siding Colorado Springs

In the older parts of Colorado Springs, stucco siding, wood siding, and James Hardie® Fiber Cement siding are great choices. Wood siding allows us to match the textures, colors, and styles that the older wood frame homes have been built in for over 100 years. The only setback here is that natural wood requires continual maintenance and upkeep. Stucco panel siding made from fiber cement is an especially good choice for many of the more traditional homes built in western Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Whether working with traditional stucco siding methods or James Hardie® Stucco Panels we can match your home’s existing stucco texture and appearance. However, James Hardie® Stucco Panels will outlast standard stucco finishes because it will not chip or crack.

James Hardie HardiePlank Installation Guide
James Hardie Lap Siding Product Description
James Hardie Siding Brochure
James Hardie Vertical Siding Panels Product Description


James Hardie® Artisan Siding Colorado Springs

As an alternative to wood, Artisan® siding is a beautiful option for some of the older homes in the city. Artisan siding portrays a more traditional style. With a little extra effort, Scottish Home Improvements can cover your home in the durable James Hardie® Siding while retaining the detail work that makes older homes so impressive. For the Colorado Springs’ neighborhoods around the Broadmoor Hotel and close to the Garden of the Gods, the look and feel of the Artisan product is an ideal solution as it brings the beauty of the area directly to your home.


Siding Expert

A very significant advantage that Scottish Home Improvements has over other siding installers is our local knowledge. Many members of our staff were born and raised in Colorado Springs. Over the years, they have seen the changes in architecture and home style that have taken place. We also understand the unique nature of the city. With so many of our residents employed by the military, they are likely to be transferred or are in a position where they may need to sell a home. Scottish Home Improvements will help you remodel in order to increase the value of your home. So when it comes time to sell, you will be ready. We will be sure to give the best possible advice in terms of helping to improve the resale value after our work is completed.

Scottish Home Improvements is the leading installer of fiber cement siding in. Our local knowledge and commitment to offering value for money has served our clients well over the years has helped us to earn a respectable reputation. We offer free in home consultations 6 days a week and look forward to serving your needs.

A Diamond Kote Colorado Springs

The Power Of Engineered Wood Siding and Diamond Kote for Your Colorado Springs Home

When looking for the most out of your home siding, opt for the protection of engineered wood siding, treated with premium Diamond Kote pre-finish.  It is one of the best options available on the market today for keeping your Colorado Springs home looking unweathered for years to come. For houses from the Kissing Camel over to Rockrimmon, there simply is no better siding product option to offer protection and performance against the sometimes extreme Colorado Springs elements.

Designed to last decades, this lovely finish is built-on an engineered wood product already treated with a proprietary protectant to the core.  This means you get numerous layers of protection against elements like extreme heat, constant freezes, and thaws, plus intense UV exposure–all things Colorado Springs homes will encounter year after year. Plus, choose from 30 bold colors for your Colorado Springs home and custom color options as well. With Diamond Kote, the possibilities are nearly unlimited and protection a guarantee.  

Benefits Of Diamond Kote Pre-Finish

  1. A durable finish that won’t peel, crack or fade
  2. Incredibly low maintenance but will resist buildup of dirt and dust
  3. Impact resistant against hail and wind-borne debris
  4. An impressive 30-year no-fade warranty
  5. Environmentally friendly– all agents and resins are low-emitting

Diamond Kote Siding Application Guide
Diamond Kote Siding Fade Warranty
Diamond Kote Vertical Siding Spec Sheet

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LP SmartSide for Colorado Springs Homes

In a world where anything can happen, durability matters. Especially when it comes to your siding! While cedar siding has an undeniably beautiful appearance, its soft, porous composition makes it difficult to protect and maintain. LP SmartSide offers Colorado Springs homeowners a modern alternative to traditional cedar that’s low risk, low maintenance, and durable enough to endure the extreme weather and seasonal changes of the Front Range.

A true innovation, LP SmartSide brings you all the character and beauty of traditional wood siding while also giving your home the lasting durability and protection it needs. LP SmartSide is treated with SmartGuard, a unique blend of waxes and resin, giving it the ability to withstand contact with moisture and freezing temperatures without rotting or degrading. SmartGuard seals the beautiful wood strands, binding them together and strengthening them so that they’re impenetrable to water, hail, insects, and impact. The result of this technique is a beautiful exterior that looks like natural wood, but is much stronger and requires less maintenance.



Vinyl Siding for Homes & Buildings in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for a siding option that’s low budget, vinyl is an excellent choice. Perfect for rental properties, investments, and homes of moderate value, vinyl siding is both aesthetic and economical. It can be customized in a variety of ways, with options for different colors, textures, and styles, and is quite easy to maintain. We recommend insulated vinyl siding homes in the Colorado Springs area because it provides better comfort and energy efficiency, and is more resistant to the freeze/thaw cycles experienced in this region.


Stone & Brick Siding

When all is said and done, you can’t beat a classic. Stone has been used for centuries in the construction of homes across the world. It’s durable, well-insulated, and beautiful, making it an excellent choice for home exteriors. In Colorado Springs, stone siding looks quite natural and picturesque, and is reminiscent of the jagged cliffs and roaring rivers that characterize the Rocky Mountains. At Scottish Home Improvements, we partner with Sunset Stone to offer our clients a full selection of premium options like brick, limestone, ledge stone, river rock, and more.


Cedar & Other Wood Siding Options

Bring the beauty of the forest home with you. With wood and cedar siding for your Colorado Springs home, you can create a lovely natural look for your exterior and increase the value of your property. Wood siding has a gorgeous texture and color, and can be used to produce a variety of aesthetics, making it perfect for everything from charming country abodes to stately craftsman and contemporary styled architecture. We partner with Rocky Mountain Forest Products to bring you the very best wood siding in Colorado. Choose from a variety of options including pine, reclaimed wood, and cedar, as well as various styles and finishes.


Durable Metal Siding – Steel & Aluminum

Metal is the strongest siding material. It’s resistant to moisture, impact, UV rays, heat, insects, and just about everything else. This makes it an excellent option for commercial and industrial applications. In recent years, steel and aluminum siding have seen a surge in popularity and are now being incorporated into contemporary styled architecture. Metal’s smooth, sleek appearance gives it an alluring, modern look. And its practicality can’t be beat since maintenance is minimal. Whether you choose to incorporate it as an accent or reside your entire exterior, you won’t be disappointed!

Modern Siding Choices A Changing Colorado Springs

We all know and understand that siding is essential to protect homes in Colorado Springs from the insanity that is Colorado weather.  Installing the wrong siding or hiring a shoddy contractor could leave your home exposed to the elements and cost you money down the line.  However, another area that home siding is critical for is the overall architectural style.

Colorado Springs, as it were, has a ton of historic homes.  And, since Colorado Springs is undergoing such an amazing restoration right now, you, as a historic homeowner here, want to make sure you match your vintage home to the right siding. Not only to take part in the amazing new look Colorado Springs is heading towards but to make sure you increase your home value as much as possible in doing so. However, finding the right style of siding for older homes is challenging.  You definitely want to preserve the vintage character of the home, but you also want it to look new and modern.

Finally, you need a siding that will perform well against the inclement weather we get here. Well, as siding experts here at Scottish Home Improvements, we have a handful of very good options to get you everything you need for your historic Colorado Springs home siding renovation. There are a number of siding brands/styles that will give you the look you want and the protection you need and go well in neighborhoods from downtown to Briargate to Northgate.

Alside Steel Siding Collection Brochure
Alside Satinwood Select Steel Siding Brochure
Alside Satinwood Steel Siding Brochure
Alside Prodigy Insulated Vinyl Siding Brochure
Alside Coventry Vinyl Siding Brochure
Alside Odessey Premium Vinyl Siding
Alside Charter Oak Vinyl Siding Brochure
Sunset Stone Stone Siding Catalog
Sunset Stone Siding Warranty
Sunset Stone Stone Siding Brochure
Alside Steel Siding Trim Brochure

James Hardie Fiber Cement

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Fiber cement siding is an amazing choice for really any home. However, this type of siding is perfect for historic home updates not only because it protects against rot, pests, and weather but also because the look you get with James Hardie is second to none. Furthermore, James Hardie Fiber Cement beautifully mimics the look of painted wood clapboards, shingles, even stone or brick and frankly, it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.  It has a premium price point so it is perfect for homes being renovated in downtown Colorado Springs to Old Colorado City.

Engineered Wood Siding

LP SmartSide Colorado Springs

Older houses need a lot of work to keep them from falling into disarray and this, especially, includes the siding. Engineered wood siding is a siding option for historical homes that not only very strong protection for historic homes but also preserves the integrity of their aesthetic too! Similar in look and performance as fiber cement, engineered wood siding is a much more economical option– making it the perfect choice for historical renovations in the Black Forest Neighborhood of Colorado Springs.

LP SmartSide Siding Installation Guide
LP SmartSide Siding Application
LP SmartSide Trim and Fascia
LP SmartSide Siding Catalog

Wood & Cedar Siding

centennial cedar siding

Many historical homes either have or have had wood/cedar siding at some point, so this type of siding makes sense for older homes and should be a consideration as a siding option for historical Colorado Springs homeowners.  Wood siding is also gorgeous and beautiful, and, when properly maintained–extremely durable. A good way to modernize a historical home with wood siding is to mix and match materials like metal or stone to give it an old/new feel. Combinations like these, or wood siding alone, are the perfect choice for homes all the mountains in West Colorado Springs and in the Ute Pass neighborhood.

commercial siding colorado springs

Commercial Siding for Colorado Springs Properties

We proudly offer leading commercial siding services for businesses, public buildings, and other commercial properties throughout the Colorado Springs area. Our team is happy to help you find the perfect low-maintenance investment for keeping your property safe and customer-ready. From highly-durable steel siding solutions to stunning authentic local cedar siding, we can help you find the right material for attracting potential tenants, enhancing the customer experience, and more.

commercial siding contractor colorado springs

Commercial Rainscreens and Exterior Cladding for Colorado Springs

Rainscreens and specialty exterior cladding can also help provide lower maintenance needs for your commercial property. Enjoy a large range of benefits from waterproofing to modern aesthetics, when you invest in the proper options for your business. We’ve partnered with all of the leading manufacturers to deliver premium options that revolutionize your building’s exterior aesthetics and needs.

commercial siding colorado springs

Work With Colorado Springs’ Trusted Siding Contractor

Scottish Home Improvements is honored to be the trusted siding contractor serving the Colorado Springs area. We provide leading residential and commercial services throughout the metropolitan area and would love to help guide you through your next project. With all of the best siding materials available, our expert contractors are here to help you make the best investment possible! Schedule your free consultation today!

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